Lee's coaching with churches are 1 on 1 relationships that he personally invests in to help local church pastors and leaders connect to kingdom purpose through building a KB/Legacy Team. Lee’s life mission is to help local church pastors “set the table” for business leaders to understand the value of their calling to give influence and resources to accelerate the vision of the local church.

Next Steps:

  1. Complete online church engagement form below.
  2. GrowLeader team will set an onsite meeting date upon completion of form.

Development - Strategic Plan:

  • Confirm onsite day(s) with Lee and Pastor/Lead Team:
  • Meet with Pastor(s) & Lead team (if applicable) to gain knowledge and the DNA of the leadership & mission. Trustees, key business leaders are also welcome to attend.
  • Critical that pastor and lead team totally “buy in” prior to communicating or launching.
  • Meetings will be interactive, questions, vision building, leading to strategic plan.
  • Objective: share the WHY and HOW on reaching local church business leaders thru KB/Legacy Team.
  • Onsite Outcome: Develop & execute KB/Legacy Team strategic plan for church to connect leaders to kingdom purpose.
  • Within 1 week, Lee will provide the strategic plan, all support templates. resources and suggested timeline.

Support to Execute Plan:

  • Coaching and review support as needed to the Pastor and/or lead contact via phone, video call or email. (Email is preferred and most efficient).
  • Support, review time commitment averages 30 minutes to 1 hour a month.
  • Please note it is incumbent on the church to contact the the GrowLeader team at: nicole@growleader.com to schedule support calls with Lee.

Fees and Expenses:

  • Initial engagement - $15,000 to GrowLeader upon engagement.
  • Ongoing - $2,000 monthly support via credit card or bank debit to GrowLeader.
    *Begins 1st day of the 1st month following initial engagement.
    *Minimum 12-month commitment.Auto annual renewal unless canceled
  • Church pays and/or reimburses GrowLeader for all reasonable travel,
    transportation, meals & lodging expenses incurred when applicable.
  • This arrangement does not include Lee speaking at any church services or KB/Legacy Team events.
  • If you would like Lee to speak at your event please see Speaker Request form at growleader.com or email us at: info@growleader.com