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GrowLeader exists to train and resource pastors and churches to help them reach their full growth potential. One way we achieve this goal is through our annual GrowLeader Conference.


At GrowLeader Conference, you will be able to learn the heart behind all that GrowLeader has to offer, as well as how to practically implement it into your church—all while experiencing an encouraging and life-giving culture with other pastors and leaders from around the world.  


GrowLeader Roundtables provide an intimate setting for pastors and leaders to receive intentional coaching and development. These concentrated experiences are full of connection points and tackle important topics like personal health, leadership, organizational growth, mental health, finances and more.  Position yourself to be mentored by coaches and peers and see your leadership go further faster.

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GrowLeader will be hosting regional events: West Coast, Central U.S., and the Northeast. By making these events more accessible, we hope to help even more leaders striving to reach their full potential. We will provide more information in the future as we take GrowLeader on the road! Sign up if you’re interested in attending a GrowLeader Regional close to you!


GrowLeader hosts an annual, intimate "Bucket List" Leadership event with Pastors Chris Hodges and Lee Domingue. Designed to give you the experience of a lifetime, these events will give you opportunities to be face-to-face with leadership experts in top industries and side-by-side with world-class thinkers. You'll go deep with your personal and professional growth through new experiences that will broaden your perspective and add value to your leadership.

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