Shaun Nepstad

Fellowship Church

“Our growth was stagnant until we implemented what GrowLeader taught us. Now our church is thriving and reaching more people in a place where churches don’t typically last..”

Daniel Floyd

Life Point Church

“Pastor Chris’s ability to make complex things simple and train churches to use replicable, scalable systems has been extremely helpful for our church. Our staff consistently benefits from the training and resources provided by GrowLeader.”

George Davis

Impact Church

“For over five years, we have used the Grow model as the template to help transform our church into an engine that vibrantly serves our community.”

Shawn Johnson

Red Rocks Church

“Pastor Chris brings systems and structure to a level that is attainable for all church sizes and denominations. He genuinely wants to see you grow and thrive in your community. ”

Stephen Chandler

Union Church

“GrowLeader has been a major cause to the growth of our church. They have taken God's mandates to the Church and made them easy to follow systems that allow us to steward souls effectively.”

Peter Haas

Substance Church

“Today, there are a LOT of resources to help churches thrive. But none of them come close to GrowLeader. Exposing my staff to GL materials has been the single most helpful I’ve done.”


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