Working "On" Ministry vs. "In" Ministry

How do I move beyond working “in” it to working “on” it?

Don’t let the pressure and the demands for the next thing coming up drive the meeting. Schedule time not only to plan for things but to debrief as well. Set calendar time to look back, not look forward. Ask what needs to improve and what could I/we have done better. 

When planning for events, start with the debrief notes from the previous event. I.e. When planning for Christmas 2023 Services, look at the debrief notes from Christmas 2022. 

To do personal reflection/debrief, use the Full Focus Planner. PC uses the Full Focus Planner on Sunday nights to debrief areas of his life and set priority goals for the coming week. Set your goals for the week after you’ve debriefed the previous week. 

Every day, during quiet time, have reflection and planning time. Write down three tasks that if you could get those tasks done during that day, the day would be a success.