Tips for an Extended Sabbatical Break

I’m going on my first full 8-week Sabbatical this summer after 8 years since planting our church. Any last-minute tips to make it the best experience possible?

Pastor Chris got a different phone for those 8 weeks and only his wife and assistant had access to the phone number. Information was still coming to him but through the filter of his assistant and Mrs. Tammy. He had some trips, but also had a time where he was home, but did fun things (gardening, golfing, etc.) 

It took Pastor Chris 3 weeks to have his true first day of rest. Lower your expectations for the first few weeks and you will have a moment where you feel the rest. When you get to the end, you won’t want to be done and it may take some time to get out of it. 

Stay off of as many digital things as possible