Starting a Legacy Team

What advice would you give a church considering starting Legacy?

In the early years, we allowed it to happen one-on-one, organically, to set the culture. It is not about the money but for Kingdom advancement and purpose.
Let the first round of them self-identify. “If you feel like you have the gift of giving, join us”.
Then we didn’t look at what people gave, but we had the accounting team pull the top 25 donors in the church and reach out to them individually to discuss their passion and gifting. If they expressed the gift of giving, we invited them to join us in building the Legacy team. 
We have an entire curriculum at Highlands Resources with 5-6 components to help you build this. 
For more extensive training and coaching on building and sustaining a Legacy team, visit the Kingdom Builders Virtual Intensive site for more information. 
Churches 1-3 years old should focus on building relationships in a small groups with Business Leaders. Help them find fulfillment and Kingdom Purpose.