Restructuring Your Organizational Chart

How do you know when it’s time to restructure your organizational chart to be more effective?

Six organizational questions:

  1. Who needs to be sitting at the table who’s not currently at the table?
    • Stars will rise, but they’re somewhere else in the organization
  2. Where are we manufacturing energy?
    • Places where we’re pretending to be excited but we’re not.
    • Are there things that you’re doing or promoting that you don’t actually like? If it’s dying, be willing to stop doing it. 
  3. Where do I make the greatest contribution to the organization? What should I stop doing where I’m not contributing anymore? 
    • Everyone at the top needs to ask this question. 
  4. Who’s not keeping up? 
    • Where has the organization left some people in their tracks?
    • Not everyone who can take you from a certain point can take you to the next point. 
    • If you love them, give them a lateral shift. 
  5. What have we fallen in love with that needs to change?
    • It may be our way, but it’s not the best way. 
  6. What would a great leader do if they were the pastor of your church?