Leading a Men's Small Group

Can you share more about what it looked like leading a men’s small group of business leaders in the early days of Highlands? (Grow Leader podcast -Jeff Little)

PC’s first one was a public library early in the morning. It was 1 hour and never ran late so they could get to work. 15 minutes of social time in the morning. Then PC would bring a leadership-style message with the gospel wrapped in it. PC always wanted to give them something that they could take the verses off of and bring it to their next sales or staff meeting. He equipped them with tools to be successful in the marketplace. He would end with a Q&A, a challenge, and prayer. It started with 20 men and ended with about 100. For business leaders, you need to show them that you’re normal and are there to help them in every area of their life. 

PC would outline John Maxwell's books for his content. So he wasn’t coming up with new things, but presenting it to them. He brought a handout sheet because he found men liked to fill in the blanks.