Growth Plateaus

Has COTH ever plateaued in growth at a specific time/season of ministry? If so, can you describe possible reasons and/or leadership solutions?

Yes, there have been times when we have plateaued. One time was when we grew too much and ran out of room. Eventually, people want to stop going when the room is too full. 

The second time was when PC stopped sharing vision so growth & financials plateaued. PC realized that he had gone a year without sharing what he was excited about and what God was saying. Pastors need to have a vision for all areas of your church. 

  • If I gave you a million dollars are said you had to use it for your city, where would you put it? If you don’t know, you’re under-visioned. 
  • Vision is free. Dreaming is free. 

The third plateau is when you don’t have the leaders for where you’re going and you only have the leaders for where you are. The way to grow is to have more money than you spend and have more leaders trained than you need. When you do this, God will give you opportunities because you’re ready.