Growth Accelerators

Which growth accelerators are you leaning into at the start of 2023? What practical things would you coach us to do to start the year off strongly?

We are borderline (if not already there) where God is not helping us like He normally does. We may be in a season of divine abandonment –  when we stop teaching the Bible, praying, and fasting. God’s wrath is seen passively in the New Testament – Romans 1 says “God gave them over”. 

If there is something in our organization that isn’t working right now, always look at the spiritual side of it first. 

  • Focus on prayer, fasting, and worship that is Jesus-focused. Take personal and corporate worship very seriously. 

People are lonely and disconnected. Everything is online, and attendance patterns have changed. We need people to be in church and in the presence of God. We are asking, “what would cause people to come” and “what could cause people to come back?” People want to be needed and known. 

  • Focusing on and launching a Membership Engagement System. We are implementing new strategies to get people to come back a second time. Our staff will be getting to know members and creating personal touchpoints.