First Saturday Serve

How do First Saturday Serves work and what do they look like?

This is at every campus on the First Saturday of every month. The projects come from needs we find throughout the year and are opportunities that come into the church. People will reach out to our church, campus, or small group leader and we will start building a project around it. This is normally an anchor project for the campus. We will do 1-2 that we can deliver on and we’re not spread all around the city with few people at each project. 

Often, the problem is right in front of you! For your volunteer base, these are normally people who have gone through the growth track and have identified a gift of outreach and want to serve in that throughout the week.

If you don’t know where to find needs, build a widow and single moms list from people in your church and start making phone calls. You can use the verbiage of, “I don’t know if we can do everything, but we can do something!”