Creating a High-Touch Environment

Creating a high-touch environment in your events and services is essential for providing an incredible experience for all. These 20 tips will help you and your team hit that goal.

1. Be early for EVERYTHING!

2. Be a can-do person. When someone needs something, try to help them right then and there.

3. Always smiling – never reacting.

4. Take responsibility for the atmosphere.

5. Serve the LORD with gladness. "I am so grateful that I get to serve."

6. Leave guests with a lasting memory of Highland's kindness. Show them some Southern hospitality!

7. Take notes in the sessions.

8. Laugh and have fun.

9. GROW yourself.

10. Expect to hear from God.

11. No negative conversation.

12. Regularly ask, "How can I help you?"

13. Practice the 30/30 principle (the most important part of the service is the 30 minutes before and after the service – meet people)

14. Walk slowly through the crowd.

15. Remember names.

16. Focus on their interests. Ask questions.

17. Think people – not events.

18. Repeat our values and vision everywhere you go. We do four things (Weekend Services, Small Groups, Growth Track, and Dream Team) We have four values (Love God, Love People, Pursue Excellence, and Choose Joy)

19. Speak well of the other members of our team.

20. Do all things as unto the Lord, not men. Live for an audience of One.