Building Relationships with Lead Team

How do you intentionally build comradery among your lead team? Is there anything you teach your leaders to do to build comradery among your dream team? How to build comradery and a healthy culture after the departure of dream teamers.

I refuse to have the people closest to me that I don’t like. PC built his entire Lead Team around people that he is close with. Never hire someone you’d want to avoid on your day off. 

There always has to be a leader saying “Hey, let’s do ___”. You have to create fun and that creates comradery. 

The secret to people staying with you is more mission than social– They are willing to follow the cause. Reestablish the why consistently and share what the church is called to do and what you’re excited about. People get excited when they see they are making a difference.

5 Vision Questions: 

  • Where are we going? 
  • Why are we going there? 
  • How are we going to get there? 
  • What can you do? 
  • What are the rewards?