Being a Bringer

How did you help your congregation become so others-focused? How did you cast vision and lead your church to become so good at inviting/bringing others?

Give them the “Why”: You don’t announce it, you preach it. You have to give them the “Why”.

Preach It: During the summertime, I will focus several messages on being others-focused and how to be a fisher of men. Always give them the “Why”, that Heaven and Hell are real, that people are seeking for something, and that it will bring you fulfillment when you see someone you know get saved.

Model It: People do what people see. Your staff and pastors need to invite others too. We don’t tell people to bring their friends, instead, we tell the stories of those we’ve invited. 

Give them Steps: In Step 1 of the Growth Track, we teach personal evangelism – Accept, Personal Relationship, Your Story, Invitation.