A Nurturing Marriage

How have you managed on a weekly basis to nurture and maintain your marriage relationship in the midst of many demands of a lead shepherd of a growing church?

The secret to managing anything that matters to you is putting it in your calendar first. These are “big rocks” that are non-negotiable and will make them a value in your life and week. PC and Tammy have a scheduled date night on Monday every week and a dedicated family night. They can do more throughout the week, IE another date night, another dinner with family, but at least 1 day a week is a scheduled time that nothing is planned on and is not re-scheduled. 

During date day, talk about the upcoming week and get on the same page. Be creative with the date night and find free things to do if needed. For example, early in PC and Tammy’s marriage with young kids, they would spend all of the date night money on getting a sitter and go to a book store to drink coffee and read books together.