18 Mentoring Questions

18 questions to ask the person you are mentoring or questions your mentor should be asking you.

  1. How’s your prayer life?
  2. Are you learning?
  3. How’s your Ministry?
  4. Who are you ministering to?
  5. How’s your accountability structure?
  6. What are your temptations?
  7. How’s your digital life? 
  8. How’s your sleep?
  9. How’s your diet?
  10. How’s your routine and time management?
  11. How are your medications going? Alcohol, sleeping pills, etc.
  12. How are your finances?
  13. How are you replenishing yourself?
  14. How’s your sabbath? 
  15. What’s the condition of your soul right now?
  16. How’s your marriage? 
  17. How are your children?
  18. How are your friendships?