Developing Marketplace Leaders

How do you call out marketplace leaders into vocational ministry?

A principle that every leader needs to know is that God builds his Kingdom relationally and through “Divine Flow”— a supernatural attraction, spirit-led, magnetic pull to people. When you feel that, follow through with that. 
Call out what you see inside of them—” I see _____ inside of you, and if you want to talk more about it you let me know.” Start talking through their giftings and calling. Some serve the church best right where they are in the marketplace but finding a spot that gives them fulfillment is the key and you hold the key to helping them connect to the very thing God has created them to do. They are there to accelerate the vision of the church.
Philanthropy happens because marketplace leaders want to invest in different areas and make a difference, but don’t see that they can also do that within the church.
The difference between where you are and what you consider “next level”’ is higher-quality leaders. - You will see numerical growth and leadership growth across the board within your team and staff when you bring in higher-level leaders.