Measuring Leadership Effectiveness

How can I measure leadership effectiveness with staff and key leaders?

Look at 2 things (measurables): 
  • Personal leadership in your core values
  • Attitude
We have regular one-on-one conversations to help us measure those. When we had 20-30 people on staff, we required the team to give me monthly written goals on an index card
1. What are you working on (is this the focus or priority)
2. What is not working right now, or is difficult to do (this could be a training or resource issue)
3. What can I do to help you are doing better?
4. How can I pray for you? (show you care for them personally)  
Leadership Development
  1. Always require what they are working on + personal evaluations
  2. Meet regularly with them and meet before something is wrong. It is easier to parent before conflict situations (the same is true with your staff).
  3. Always require reproduction
  4. You should always be training someone 
  5. Ask the question, "Are we doing well?"